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Due to Aphar Faire, the August business meeting will be held together with the Arts & Sciences meeting, probably on Saturday August 19th.
Also note that fighter practices are now held at Tucker Creek Park (the bicicyle/walking trail) at Salem Road, or sometimes at Mizewell Games depending on the weather conditions.  Watch the Lagerdamm Facebook page on Mondays for updates on fighter practice.

Aphar Faire 2013 Class Schedule

Below is the Class Schedule for Aphar Fair.

Track Early Period Middle Period Late Period Accessories/Shoes/Hair Beginners/Construction
8:00 A.M.          
9:00 A.M. Roman Undergrments
Mistress Roz
Maitresse Alysia
Waffenrock Construction
Freiherr Nicolas L'Anguille
THL Signy
Piping Application
Avaline la Chevriere
10:00 A.M. Hedeby Coat and Birka Trousers
Freiherr Nicolas L'Anguille
Intro to Research
THL Aline Swynbrook
Ottoman Class
Jaquette d'Anjou*
Roman Cosmetics
Mistress Fionualla
Beginning Knitting
Apollonia Faust
11:00 A.M. Merovingian Costume
Mistress Fionnualla
14th c. working class
Mistress Elianor de Moreland
Machine Sewing 101
THL Sarah Tereza Mondragon
Jewelry from Found Objects
Mistress Amelia
Celtic Knotwork
THL Signy
12:00 A.M. Fundraiser Lunch Fundraiser Lunch Fundraiser Lunch Fundraiser Lunch Fundraiser Lunch
1:00 P.M. Anglo-Saxon Dress
Mistress Brigit
14th c. cote construction
Mistess Gwynneth
Pleating Class
Maitresse Alysia
Woven Pouch Class
Aine (Katherine Koehler)
Lace making
Baroness Karis
2:00 P.M. Bliaut Construction
Duchess Kenna
Mongol Del
Broinninn Inghean Aindrasa
Early 16th c. Women's Working Class Garb
Mistress Ameila
Roman Hair Dressing
Lady Victoria
Draping a Sloper
Freiherr Nicolas L'Anguille
3:00 P.M. Early Period Applique
THL Joan of Ook
Middle Eastern Garb
Zhara Um Nikko
Tudor Hats
Lady Sibylla
Pilgrim Bags
Broinninn Inghean Aindrasa
Turning a Sloper into a Pattern
Freiherr Nicolas L'Anguille


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