Conway And Surrounding Area SCA Group


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The listing of Society branches or a listing of officers.

  • Arts and Sciences

    Arts & Sciences Minister : Helena de Navarra

    member in charge of coordinating and overseeing the promotion of Arts & Sciences

  • Chatelain

    Chatelaine (Newcomer/Liason to the Modern World) : Alina nic an Bhaird

    The Chatelaine is the officer who acts as a kind of liason between the SCA and the modern world. Chatelaines work with other organizations and schools of the local community to coordinate educational demonstrations (demos) by our members and cover a wide rage of age groups. Demos help bring history to life.
    The Chatelaine also serves as the "welcome wagon" for new new members. By teaching newcomers about SCA and Kingdom traditions, customs and rules and they help new memebers feel a part of our Society. Chatelaines teach both formal and informal classes for new participants and have a wealth of resources that they make available to new participants, such as websites, pamphlets, handouts and SCA publications.

  • chronicler

    Chronicler : Aine ingen in Gohbann

    The chronicler is responsible for the design, publishing and distribution of the official monthly newsletter.

  • Sherrif / Constable

    Constable : Gwalchmai ap Meredith (Hawk)

    this office has varied responsibilities which might include making sure that the entry gate is manned, ensuring that SCA and modern laws are followed, or taking care of “Lost and Found”.

  • Rapier Marshall

    Equestrian Marshal : Helena de Navarre

  • Exchequer icon

    Exchequer : Ibrihim al Selim

    the officer serving as treasurer for a group or kingdom.

  • hearald

    Herald : Avaline la Chevriere

    officer who helps participants come up with SCA names and armory; or, the official who makes announcements on the field, or is the Master of Ceremonies for court. Local group heralds are called Pursuivants

  • Historian

    Historian : Rivka bat David

    The Historian keeps the history and artifacts of the group. In a group dedicated to studying history, this is important.

  • Knights Marshall

    Marshal - Heavy : James Cooke the Sinister

  • Rapier Marshall

    Marshal - Rapier : Walter Fitz-Alen

  • Rapier Marshall

    Marshal - Live Weapons : Frederick Alton

  • Minister of Children

    Minister of Children : Athas

    officer in charge of children’s activities

  • Quartermaster

    Quartermaster : Walter Fitz-Alen

  • Seneschal

    Seneschal : Arianna Stefana Falconi

    the officer serving as “president” of a local group or kingdom. Acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.

  • Seneschal

    Deputy Seneschal in charge of social media: Rivka bat David

  • WebMinister

    Webminister : Thorkel Gunnarson

    The webminister is responsible for the design and maintenance of the official web site for the Province of Lagerdamm.

“This is the recognized web site for the Province of Lagerdamm of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is maintained by Thorkel Gunnarson. This site may contain electronic versions of the group's governing documents. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that is available from the originating office will be decided in favor of the printed version. For information on using photographs, articles, or artwork from this web site, please contact the Webminister at He or she will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors. Copyright © 2020 The Province of Lagerdamm. The original contributors retain the copyright of certain portions of this site.”